Healthcare Cloud Migration Benefits and Lessons Learned

In today’s fast-paced digital world hospitals and healthcare providers are shifting their computing systems to the cloud. This big cloud migration benefits them by updating their technology to be more current and efficient. Using the cloud means more efficiencies, savings and better care for patients. For example physicians can access medical records instantly and from […]

The Transformation of Healthcare through Wearable Devices

The fusion of healthcare and technology has radically changed the nature of medicine, with wearable medical devices becoming a driving force for change.  At a time when health is at the center focus of global discourse, these wearable medical devices have redefined the way patients receive care, leveraged data for custom diagnosis and shifted the […]

What Does ROI Stand for Medical Setting

What Does ROI Stand for Medical Setting? This is a very interesting topic, and not one you might think of first, especially if you are familiar with the world of finance. ROI meaning in healthcare has nothing to do with return on investment. Rather, it means Release of Information ROI. Now you’re wondering why this […]

UKG Workforce Central End of Life: The Journey of Change

Keeping up with new technologies and new software in the fast-paced world of workforce management is key to keeping your operations running smoothly, safely and efficiently. For this reason, from 20 October 2022, the report on Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) is set to discontinue its UKG Workforce Central product (WFC). You may be wondering what […]

EHR Implementation Steps from Planning to Go-Live

Beginning the journey of electronic health record (EHR) adoption, especially when migrating to an EHR system, is a huge undertaking for any medical team or hospital to not only acquire new software; It’s about changing how everyone works every day. In order for this transition to be smooth and successful, it is important to have […]

What is Epic Radiant

In hospital radiology departments, the requirement for simple and efficient systems for patient record management, imaging review, and communication between health care providers has led to the adoption of radiation information systems in particular (RIS) atom. This comprehensive guide will explore the features, benefits, and important roles of Epic Radiant analyzers in healthcare. Understanding Epic […]

ViVE24 Event Wrap Up

Finding top IT consultation has come to be a tough challenge in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of healthcare. ViVE24 is a beacon of innovation and thought leadership, turning in modern solutions and insights into the future of digital health. Virtelligence, a company poised to exchange how healthcare corporations approach IT consultation has participated in […]

What is Epic OpTime?

In the fast-paced world of healthcare where every second counts, especially in the operating room (OR), managing myriad surgical procedures is paramount. Enter Epic OpTime, Epic Systems’ operating room management system that exists today. These innovative solutions have changed how hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers address the challenges of OR design and management. Epic OpTime […]

What Is Epic Cupid ?

There is a set of software applications meant for personalizing electronic health records (EHRs) and improving the quality of care in healthcare IT. One of these applications, Epic’s Cupid, is a major solution. It’s designed for cardiology information management within the broader Epic EHR platform. This blog post intends to dive into what truly is […]

What is Epic Beacon?

A digital shift is taking place in the healthcare industry, and one important part of this evolution is Epic Beacon.  As oncology care demands more personalized approaches, technology like Beacon Epic allows for more targeted patient treatment and improved clinical research. This post is a deep dive into the topic of Epic Beacon – what […]