What is Epic OpTime?

In the fast-paced world of healthcare where every second counts, especially in the operating room (OR), managing myriad surgical procedures is paramount. Enter Epic OpTime, Epic Systems’ operating room management system that exists today.

These innovative solutions have changed how hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers address the challenges of OR design and management. Epic OpTime isn’t just a tool; It is a comprehensive program designed to simplify surgery, improve patient care, and optimize resource management.

Epic OpTime

At its core, Epic OpTime combines clinical and decision support tools with sophisticated prescribing capabilities. This integration facilitates quality management of the hospital’s operating room, ensuring every aspect of surgery is properly planned and executed. The program initiative was recognized in the 2015-16 Best in KLAS report from KLAS Enterprises, which Superior Optime operations management solution announced

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One of the unique features of Epic OpTime is the ability to provide users with detailed patient information throughout the operation. This includes everything from the first visit to the day of surgery and beyond. By enhancing workflows, Epic OpTime not only improves productivity and room utilization but also ensures documentation is accurate and comprehensive.

Simplification of Surgical Procedures

Epic OpTime excels at managing surgical orders in sessions, promoting seamless scheduling with the patient’s schedule for pre- and post-operative assessments Carefully monitors compliance needs both pre-admission and pre-operative counts, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

The Charge Router functionality is a distinctive feature of OpTime, providing a single point of control for all billing events in the operating room, both technical and administrative

To simplify the documentation process, OpTime’s in-operation report is designed to be a separate documentation. This means that users only need to input data that has been modified from the operation case request, significantly reducing the typing time.

Furthermore, labeling barcodes for implants and accessories further reduces the time required to trace and record these products, improving efficiency

Perfect Combinations of Objects

Epic OpTime uses comprehensive scheduling rules and conflict management to better coordinate surgeons, personnel, inventory, and equipment. It automatically determines the optimal times for a procedure, ensuring the availability of necessary staff and resources while taking care of specific surgeon preferences and constraints.

The plan status documents are a key component, identifying patients of all scheduled daily surgeries and a clear and high -to-date impression obtained.

Epic OpTime in Action: Major Hospitals

Epic OpTime has been adopted by some of the world’s leading hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Mass. General Hospital, along with the University of North Carolina. These organizations have used OpTime to increase operating room efficiency and quality of patient care.

For example, Cleveland Clinic initiated a nurse-led initiative to improve operating room prioritization charts under OpTime. These forms are important for nurses who help organize surgical equipment and supplies, as well as provide information to track costs and patient charges, and demonstrate the versatility and impact of the system.

Epic OpTime and Epic Anesthesia: Two Partners

Typically, Epic OpTime is used in conjunction with Epic Anesthesia modules, forming a synergistic pair that further enhances OR efficiency and safety. This integration provides a comprehensive anesthesia information system (AIMS), which provides an integrated view of the patient’s intraoperative journey, from preoperative assessment to postoperative keep an eye on it.

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Epic OpTime represents a major advance in operating room management. Providing a system that increases efficiency, simplifies documentation, and optimizes organization allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care and less administrative tasks.

Impact on major hospitals around the world so highlights its effectiveness and reliability in dealing with complications of surgical procedures. As technology advances, solutions like Epic OpTime will continue to lead the way, improving healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes.


What is Epic OpTime?

Epic OpTime is a modern system designed to optimize the operating room. It helps hospitals and surgical centers plan surgeries, improve patient care, and optimize resource management. This tool simplifies everything from scheduling to managing details on the day of surgery.

How does Epic OpTime work?

It integrates tools for clinical decision-making and planning, making it easier to manage all aspects of surgery. Epic OpTime ensures that everything is planned, from before surgery begins to after, ensuring all necessary information and supplies are ready and efficiently used.

Why is Epic OpTime important?

This is important because it helps hospitals run operating rooms more efficiently, ensuring that operations start on time, staff are not overstaffed and patients receive the best possible care. It also ensures that all documents and records are accurate and complete.

What features does Epic OpTime offer?

Key features include comprehensive patient information, efficient management of surgical orders, compliance with pre-admission requirements, simplified documentation, and facilities such as personnel and equipment manufacturing. It has the tools to monitor charges and track operational progress in real time.

How does Epic OpTime improve surgery?

It simplifies surgical planning, integrates with patients’ preoperative assessment plans, ensures all necessary preparations are completed Its documentation system reduces the time required for data entry, and ensures everything works fine.

Can Epic OpTime schedule resources for surgery?

Yes, it uses scheduling rules to ensure that all surgeons, staff and equipment are available when needed with specific preferences and constraints in mind, and ensures that there are no conflicts This helps to accurate and efficient surgical planning.

Who uses Epic OpTime?

World-leading hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente use Epic OpTime to improve their operating room efficiency and patient care. Organizations that prioritize advanced technology to improve healthcare have been selected.

What is the relationship between Epic OpTime and Epic Anesthesia?

Epic OpTime is often used in conjunction with Epic Anesthesia to create a complete system that improves efficiency and safety in the operating room. This combination provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s journey through surgery, improving care from start to finish.

What sets Epic OpTime apart?

Its ability to address complex operating room management issues while improving patient care and optimizing resource utilization makes it the preferred choice for hospitals and recognized for its effectiveness in monitoring surgical procedures and in improving health outcomes.

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