Effective Tips for Successful Epic Go-Live Training

    When an IT implementation is performed customer service is one of the main aspects to focus on particularly in the healthcare industry. Changes made in the computer systems can make the end users confused and nervous; this can push them to be frustrated eventually affecting employee satisfaction and patient care, also endangering the […]

Top 2018 Trends to Shape the Future of ERP

    To be successful and remain on the top, it is important to take your time and educate yourself regarding the rising trends in the ERP industry. Even if your business is developing from a start-up or you have already got it well-established, you need to realize that the ERP industry is going through […]

The Need for Interoperability for Improved Patient Care

    More or less the world has eventually turned into a “Global Village” as more people are getting connected with each other using advanced technologies like networked computerized systems. Though such technologies have made it easy to get connected, they also offer various other benefits in different fields like linking up computers for automated […]