Strategies for Successful Workday Implementation

Workday offers a unified platform that brings together finance, human resources, and planning, tailored to meet the specific demands of healthcare organizations. Workday Implementation represents a strategic transformation, aligning technology with clinical practices, administrative workflows, and patient-centered care. However, this implementation is complex and requires meticulous planning and a deep understanding of healthcare operations and […]

10 key trends and statistics in healthcare cybersecurity for 2023

As the integration of digital tools becomes more embedded in daily medical practices, the line between technology and healthcare blurs, bringing new challenges to the forefront. This blog explores 10 key trends and statistics in healthcare cybersecurity for 2023. From the rise of remote patient monitoring to an alarming increase in ransomware attacks, we delve […]

Keys to Effective Healthcare Cybersecurity Risk Management

In the world of healthcare, one topic has taken center stage: cybersecurity risk management. It’s not just a trending topic, it’s a necessity. Due to the digitalization of healthcare patient records, medical reports, and even life-sustaining devices are connected online. The keys to effective healthcare cybersecurity risk management have become our first line of defense […]

Top Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats

Picture this: In 2022, the healthcare sector faced a storm of top Healthcare Cybersecurity threats, a digital attack that ran rampant parallel to the real-world health crises. Amidst these cyber threats, data breaches took center stage, catapulting to an alarming number. More than a million precious, confidential healthcare records found themselves in unauthorized hands, glaringly […]

Bridging the Gap: Cybersecurity Healthcare Staffing Solutions

As rapidly as healthcare service providers are shifting to the digital mode for securing patient records, the healthcare industry is increasingly vulnerable to cybercrimes. As the most frequently targeted sector for data breaches, healthcare organizations are in dire need of robust defenses. However, they face a pressing problem – a significant shortage of specialized healthcare […]

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Everything You need to Know

In the digital age, cybersecurity breaches pose a significant threat to all industries. However, Healthcare Cybersecurity is at great risk. According to the HIPAA Journal’s 2020 Healthcare Data Breach Report, the healthcare industry in 2020 witnessed the third-highest number of data breaches on record since 2009, signaling an alarming trend. According to the 2022 IBM […]

Top Cyber-Security Jobs in Healthcare Industry

The global economy suffers losses of over $400 billion each year from cybercrime. Owing to the recent spate of ransomware attacks, demand for cyber-security professionals has increased across all sectors. The healthcare industry is no different with alarm bells ringing, which has consequently led to increased demand for professionals. Following the mandatory implementation of MACRA […]

Ready, Set, Go Live: Epic Planning for Epic Results

Introduction Organizations are increasingly looking to plan the implementation of Epic either in one go or through various phases to make the most of the potential advantages that Epic offers. The meticulous Epic planning & Implementation often falls short of the desired expectations of the organization once the system goes live. Stakeholders are often left […]

Importance of HIPAA Compliance in the Archival of Health Data

In today’s digital age, the significance of HIPAA compliance for health data archival cannot be overstated. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996 with the aim of protecting the privacy and security of patients’ health information. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing amount of sensitive data being […]