Enriching the Patient Experience through the Use of Technology


With increasing competition among healthcare providers and the burden on the bottom line tighter than ever before it has become the new normal for healthcare institutions to focus and value the patient experience. The patient experience can prove to be a game-changer in helping your organization to differentiate itself from other similar organizations by providing it with a competitive edge that can help in shaping sustainable operations resulting in improved financial performance.

Patient experience includes interactions of the healthcare providers with the patient and patient’s family before and after the administration of healthcare services. This experience has taken on added importance in today’s landscape where the cumulative effect of economic changes and changing healthcare regulations have forced the patient to take on an even greater interest in their healthcare decisions and the likely impact on their physical and economic well-being. That is why it is simply not enough just providing healthcare services. The services provided should be at a reasonable cost and most importantly every care must be taken to ensure that the care provided ensures the very best patient experience. As this is the competitive edge through which healthcare providers will differentiate their services from other providers.

In order to provide the best patient experience, healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to implement technology solutions that have the capability of redefining the patient experience. Technology solutions help in providing an improved response time to the patients, managing their accounts in a better way, utilizing all the available resources for providing the best care and most importantly transparency regarding the cost of the services.

With the adoption of improved technology solutions, there are distinct possibilities of providing a far more improved patient experience via the incorporation of online tools and applications. But in order to retain the patients’ interest, the healthcare providers would have to provide value other than just great patient experience. For this, health care providers have to offer patients the allure of operational and financial efficiency as well, simply marketing your organization as the best provider of healthcare just won’t do. The use of technology will help healthcare organizations package the best patient experience with the most cost-effective treatment that is simply faster, smoother and a great connection with the doctors and other experts allowing you to deliver far greater value to the patient on the back of adopting new technological solutions.

Adopting new technology solutions will help to create a brand that delivers premium healthcare services providing the very best patient experience at the most affordable prices. Healthcare organizations should leverage the high-quality interactive experience provided by the use of digital tools and advanced technology that increases satisfaction not only for the patients but also for those who are administering patient care such as caregivers, clinicians, and other employees involved in the interaction.

Yes, technology will greatly facilitate the patient experience, but for technology to truly provide your organization with a competitive advantage over your competitors, you must align the technology to your organization’s goals and most importantly the needs of the patient. This alignment has to be duly supported with concerted branding, marketing, and positioning of your healthcare services tailored to meet the most pressing needs of your patients and help to carve out your competitive edge, setting you apart from your competitors.

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