Steps for Successful Epic Go Live


Those health care organizations looking to successfully Go-Live must ensure that the following steps are in place to successfully transition to live the Epic system.

Laying the groundwork for Epic Go-Live Success

In order for the Epic planning and implementation to take off the health care organization must ensure that it has the requisite project plan in place that details all the potential tasks required to be performed in the project, important milestones that need to be achieved in a reasonable amount of time with the existing pool of resources. Also budgeting for the fact that expertise might be outsourced in order to ensure that Epic planning & implementation is completed on time and in the available resources budgeted for the project.

Role of Planning in Epic Go-Live Success

A well thought out plan taking into consideration everything that could possibly happen during the Epic implementation can go a long way in paving the way for Epic Go-Live Success. The most important part of the plan will be to, first of all, determine the readiness of your resources to embrace the change and secondly which is the best Epic Go-Live partner for your health care organization. Collaboration between your resources and partner will make or break the project and its subsequent success.

It is extremely important for the organization implementing Epic to impress upon its resources that only through experience and the expertise of domain experts can the individual resources and subsequently the organization work to be in a position where it can leverage the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful Epic implementation.

Involve resources across the board in order to embrace Epic Implementation & Go-Live process

In order for the organization to successfully embrace the system across the board, the stakeholders leading the line for the implementation and subsequent Go Live process must ensure that they include managers and non-managers as well. Not only should the change process be limited to technical resources but also non-technical resources as well. As the change of systems doesn’t end simply with the Epic implementation as the implementation has to be owned by everyone involved to make it a sustainable success going forward.

An organization should work out possible solutions with implementing partner

Working closely with your implementing partner can help you identify the range of options at your disposal that can be used to customize the planned Epic system in such a way that the implementation covers all the areas that need to be addressed. This could include visits to the best possible sites, case studies, and references. Furthermore, how will your implementing partner address the issue of connecting you with your legacy systems? How will the upgrades to the new system be managed without compromising the security of your existing data and how much will all this cost?

Which mechanism to use for Go-Live Process

Once again you have to work in close collaboration with your implementing partner and various stakeholders across the board to identify which mechanism to use to ensure a successful Go-live process.

The best mechanism identified for your organization will help you design your project plan, set relevant and achievable deadlines. These deadlines will be carved out keeping in mind the budget your organization has, resources at its disposal and most importantly the existing culture along with the environment of ownership created in order to ensure the change is successfully implemented across the board.

There is no right or wrong way of going about an implementation provided you understand the merits and demerits of each approach taking into account the prevailing scenario in your organization.

Open and clear-cut communication

Having open and clear-cut communications will greatly help in ensuring a successful Epic Go-Live.  An efficient and effective communication process will ensure that your team understands the potential hurdles and their possible solutions to ensure a successful Epic Go-live process.

With your implementing partner helping you to create a culture of ownership across the board for the planned change it is of crucial importance that you completely gauge where your existing system stands and what possible steps you would need to take in order to ensure that new technology process is successfully implemented in the identified time frame covering all the available gaps identified through the gap analysis conducted by your implementation partner.  This effective planning will help to ensure an effective and efficient transition to the Epic system.


Partnering with the right technology partner is the need of the hour if you want not only ensure a successful implementation but also earn the trust, support, and ownership of all the relevant stakeholders ensuring that the EPIC system is embraced across the board. Virtelligence is the right technology partner ensuring that you not only have the very best in technical IT expertise but sound business knowledge and experience to fall back on in order to successfully create a new environment supporting the new EPIC system.

Virtelligence’s motto of keeping clients first and ensuring that they have all the requisite material and training ensures that the transition to the new system is smooth, successful and within the budgets of our client.  Virtelligence’s commitment to excellence at every step of the way ensures EPIC planning and implementation for going live is a guaranteed success all throughout and for years ahead.

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