Why Virtelligence is the Right Choice for Infor Consulting


Organizations big or small are looking for the right technology partner that can help them utilize their full potential, take the next step helping them propel to a whole new level or simply help the organization make their business sustainable. With the marketplace filled with numerous technologies, there is no shortage of solution providers proclaiming to be the one who can be the catalyst for the positive change that your organization is desperately looking for. Organizations that are stretched as it is; only to add another crucial decision to their plate of which they have absolutely no idea, can only lead to problems such as deploying the wrong solution provider and wasting tons of money and time on something you hardly required in the first place.

Infor consulting is being used by more than 90,000 organizations worldwide.  Its purpose-built software helps businesses leverage their strengths and address their weaknesses in bringing efficiency and effectiveness to their operations improving the bottom line along with bringing in sustainable growth to the company. What sets Infor apart from other like-minded solution providers is the fact that their continued push to cloud-based solutions over the years has helped them bring in far greater functionality on the cloud as compared to other providers. Furthermore, collaboration tools enabling discussion trails, status reports, and task management for the organization has helped the users gain the competitive edge necessary to not only survive in today’s competition but also lay the groundwork for sustainable growth for years to come.

Yet the question remains with organizations involved in too many things across the board; how will they find the time and resources to identify which ERP implementation partner is the best fit for their organization. With a lack of knowledge and expertise regarding this issue, organizations can easily make a decision, not in their interest or take too much time in deciding what the right course of action might be; wasting precious time in the process during which potential opportunities for growth can slip through their grasp.

Virtelligence has taken up the mantle to help organizations with making this decision by providing consultants and experts of Infor related solutions; making sure that you have the best possible solution at hand to take your organization forward. Virtelligence consultants will make sure that the identified solution is implemented in the shortest period possible coupled with a rather manageable payback period in which the organization is able to recoup its investment for the solution. Virtelligence experts with significant experience of numerous Infor implementations will go the extra mile in ensuring that the project costs of these implementations are kept as low as possible ensuring a successful implementation not only in terms of the project costs but also in terms of business benefits accrued from the new implementation.

It is one thing ensuring that the possible benefits of the implementation are accrued but it is a totally different ball game to actually realize the possible benefits to their maximum level. All this while ensuring that the advertised functionality of the proposed system or solution is fully achieved and is made possible through the best possible implementation approach that fits your organization in the best manner possible. All this with customization focused on your organization’s specific needs ensuring that the least amount of operational disruption is encountered while implementing the solution through proper pre-implementation planning or business process mapping.

Consultants and experts at Virtelligence offer all this including a wide variety of experience through varied implementations over the years.  This is not all; Virtelligence also offers various Infor projects to consultants who are willing to take new Infor projects on-board. All in all, Virtelligence is the one-stop-shop for all your Infor consulting needs and solutions.

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