How To Keep Your Business Safe From Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware, it sounds like quite a threatening term – because it is. In layman terms, a Ransomware is a malicious piece of software that’s programmed to infect computer systems. These ‘viruses’ often go undetected into a hard drive of a system triggered by an unintentional email link or suspicious files.

How To Keep Your Business Safe From Ransomware Attacks

Once infected, systems (whether a personal computer or an organizational-wide network) can face millions of dollars of damages, mostly in the form of loss of data, security breaches and data theft. The ‘Ransom’ part in the ransomware play its part when the victims usually have to pay a hefty penalty fee for removal from the infected systems. However, in most cases, the complete clean-up of a system after the demands have been met, are still subject to question.With the advancements in technology on pretty much a daily basis, you can be sure of the developments by the cyber-hacking groups. The responsibility of protecting one’s systems from such threats falls straight on the businesses themselves.

How Do You Protect Your Business From Ransomware Attacks?

For organizations and business, the obligation for protecting against such threats lie on them and nobody else. Protecting your own staff and your clients must at all times be a top priority. Our team of Ransomware experts can help you develop a fool-proof IT security plan that’s customized according to the needs of your business, affordable and is centred around the following actionable steps:

Execute a Risk-Analysis Test

A ransomware based attack on your system can have wide-spread damage and lose you millions of dollars of business by basically paralyzing the critical functions of your business including but not limited to customer database, client and vendor systems, financial data, and IT networks.

Our Risk-Analysis test will start from one of our expert consultants helping identify your organization’s weak points and make sure your team is informed of the vulnerabilities for prompt action. This risk-analysis process is not one-time but is performed on a periodic audit-type basis enabling your organization to keep its guard up at all times.

Organization-wide Backup System

Imagine losing all your data to a ransomware attack. Your business can stand to lose a massive amount of critical information and data. A recommended to precaution to such a threat is to make sure your business files are all uploaded on a cloud network (or a private server), that will ensure your data is safe even after a critical ransomware attack. Other options include making periodic backup of complete data to massive external backup drives which can serve the purpose of restoring data even after a total system wipe-out.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

It’s always to be safe than sorry. Training your workforce on the hazards of security threats adds an extra layer of protection for your business and your customers. Having the appropriate and updated training exercises can enable your workforce to stay focused and help in your overall business stay secured. Upon initiation, a team of IT security experts can easily distribute content that’s informal and allows your employees to understand the important of security precautions.In need of a 360-degree cybersecurity evaluation of your business? Get in touch with a Virtelligence IT security expert by contacting us here.

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