5 Most Read HIT Practices Articles and What you can learn so far?


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The year 2017 had been a year of many new challenges faced by health systems, hospitals and healthcare IT professionals, and a few of these were unexpectedly familiar. It is well-said that every experience counts, it leaves a mark and it is up to us to accept even the bad ones and make something good out of them to develop and improve in the future.

Moving ahead to the New Year we can learn from the previous one to have ample insights into healthcare IT consulting practices. Therefore, we have selected the 5 most read Virtelligence blog posts of 2017 to jog your memory if you had already read them and also to let you check out what you might have missed.

  1. Why Cerner is the right choice for Healthcare IT

A majority of the healthcare organizations are moving forward to adopt healthcare IT solutions to bring efficiency in their operations to provide improved patient care. Cerner had been one of the most popular EHR systems software because of its adaptability and incomparable benefits. The suite of services offered by Cerner consulting includes a complete host of healthcare processes to help your organization in providing solutions which can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services to provide quality care.

  1. Important Tips for a Successful Epic Implementation

Epic is the EHR software which used by most of the healthcare providers. It offers a tech-savvy and high-quality EHR system for the collection and management of authentic inter-connected medical record data for appropriate and quality reporting. But, sometimes healthcare organizations also have to face a few problems during Epic implementation. Hence, there are various factors that must be considered to ensure a successful implementation and Epic Go-Live Training. Besides sharing some useful tips for a successful Epic project, Virtelligence has a team of expert Epic consultants to guide you through every critical step of your Epic implementation process. Virtelligence has worked on more than 200 Epic implementations nationwide and success of these projects resulted in a 95% client retention rate.

  1. Common Interview Questions Epic Analysts Are Asked In Interviews

Epic’s software is the most dominant in healthcare will be playing a vital role in the future. Therefore, the demand for Epic-certified specialists is on the increase with every passing day. The core reason for this increase in demand is due to the widespread use of Epic Systems Software in leading healthcare organizations and also because of the complications faced in becoming Epic certified. The life of an Epic System Analyst is full of challenges as they have to deal with an actual implementation process from the basic level, while also managing a team of healthcare staff, technicians and clinicians and training them to use the new system. Hence, if you are expecting an interview for an Epic position then you might answer a variety of nervy questions. To help you with your interview Virtelligence has shared some important tips and insights with you.

  1. Healthcare IT Industry: 3 Reasons why Epic software is in high demand

Epic system being an easy-to-integrate and strong solution, offers better scalability options. Therefore, the number of healthcare institutions switching to Epic software is increasing day by day. Here, Virtelligence has contributed three main reasons for Epic’s high demand in the healthcare industry.

  1. MACRA and MIPS: What to know for 2017

Improved patient care is imperative for successful MACRA implementation. It was first signed in April 2016, but, it is expected that MACRA will be fully implemented in 2019. Virtelligence understands the importance of a finely-tuned EHR system for a successful MACRA plan. Therefore, we have an expert team of highly qualified EHR consultants, project managers, and strategic guidance consultants and also Meaningful Use specialists. Whether it is optimization of your existing EHR system or implementation of new EHR system or initiation of MACRA specific project, Virtelligence can help you at every step.

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