The Need for Interoperability for Improved Patient Care

    More or less the world has eventually turned into a “Global Village” as more people are getting connected with each other using advanced technologies like networked computerized systems. Though such technologies have made it easy to get connected, they also offer various other benefits in different fields like linking up computers for automated […]

2018 Healthcare IT Cybersecurity Trends to Look for

    Like many other business fields, healthcare IT is also facing the challenges of cyber threats. With every passing day, the risks of cyber attacks are taking troll endangering the healthcare industry. These attacks particularly target healthcare informatics jeopardizing patients’ data as well as their lives. No doubt the cybersecurity experts are using smart […]

MACRA & MIPS: What QPP holds for you in 2018?

    Under Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) law the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) used to offer increments in payments to healthcare providers for providing quality care. However, when practiced SGR had resulted in huge decreases in the Physician Fee Schedule. CMS, with the introduction of Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of […]

How to Get Your Introvert self to Network at HIMSS18

  Most often conferences are a combination of enlightening activities of intellectual presentations, potential meetings, and endless conversations.This may be quite overwhelming to decide where you want to focus your energies. Are you craving for your own room of comfort and solitude after your busy first-day itinerary? Before heading back to your room stop first […]

10 Tips for an Effective Software Implementation

  In today’s technologically advancing world it is inevitable for your business growth and improvement to have a successful implementation of the new software. But, before you decide to go there, you first need to know what the essential needs of your business are and which software would be the perfect solution to meet these […]

4 Increasingly Important Trends of Healthcare IT

  Mostly, successful business persons make sure to follow latest and most important trends in their business fields. There are innovators in every business field setting the trends setters, and there are also people who recognize the trends and follow them. The rest of the people are those who neither create nor follow the trends. […]

Why Cerner is the right choice for Healthcare IT

Those providers who have kept pace with innovation happening in Health Care IT have been able to gain significant competitive edge over their competitors; that has helped them significantly improve their operational efficiency while reducing costs helping to deliver patient focused health care at the most affordable prices possible. But is it just an industry […]