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The Virtelligence team learns through formal and informal training on a continuous basis providing you with opportunity for growth and development.

  • Ability to work with top talent in the industry
  • Vast client base for creating more opportunities
  • Solid track record of successful technology implementations
  • Top management team consisting of former hospital leadership
  • Consistent growth in revenue, reputation and rapport
  • Excellent employee compensation plans with competitive salary and benefits
  • Well-equipped with latest training infrastructure and learning resources
  • One of Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s Best Places to Work
  • Over 95% repeat business from clients based on relationships and loyalty
  • One of oldest certified partners of Epic Systems
  • Investment in both tangible/intangible assets and resources


“The company truly cares about evolving with each consultant; we are good at making personal connections and fostering their growth and development. We treat our consultant’s like family.�?

“We have the same offerings as a large company but are able to provide personal service. Every one of our consultants has a recruiter’s cell phone number and e-mail. On top of that, they have a personal relationship that you don’t normally find at larger organizations.�?

"Joining Virtelligence has been one of the best decisions of my life. This job not only gave my career a new direction, but a lease to explore territories I never thought existed!"

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