Implementation & Optimization

At Virtelligence, our consultants combine strategy, innovation, and
technology to give our clients a bolstered service that fulfills all
implementation and optimization requirements.

Organizational strategy

Pre implementation planning

Workflow assessment

System design & build

Process redesign & improvement

Knowledge transfer & mentoring

Testing & quality assurance

Training and Go Live Support

Legacy Support

Operational transformation is the key to meeting new challenges. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants draw upon their clinical, operational, and revenue cycle backgrounds when applying technical expertise, helping your team and organization thrive. Our flexible business model allows us to take on projects of all sizes and complexities. From improving business operations to optimizing electronic healthcare records, we design and deliver customized solutions that help you perform more efficiently to the benefit of your patients, your employees, and your business. Our expert consultants collaborate with you to thoroughly understand your needs and deliver cutting-edge solutions that make sense in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

Client Experience

Client Experience

Virtelligence Consultants and the experienced staff at Allina came together effectively achieving a record making, fully integrated implementation achieving measured results of success. Today, Allina proudly stands by its motto “One patient record. One electronic medical record”..

Kim Pederson

Vice President,
Automated Medical Records

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