February 25-28, 2024

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Global Talent Solutions

Scale your IT workforce with pre-vetted Top 10% global
talent with the Industry's First AI-Powered Talent Matching
Platform at a fraction of the cost.

Onboard Exceptional Talent, On Demand

Training Analysts

Project Managers

Guiding top-tier projects with precision, our Project Managers turn vision into victorious reality.

Training Analysts

Application Analysts

Our Application Analysts decipher complexities, ensuring your software speaks the language of success.

Training Analysts


Crafting code that captivates, our Developers are the keystones of cutting-edge, custom software solutions.

Training Analysts

Technical Architects

Blueprinting your digital dreams, our Technical Architects construct foundations for futuristic tech landscapes.

Training Analysts

Integration Analysts

Integration Analysts at the helm, merging systems seamlessly for synergistic business operations.

Training Analysts

Cloud Engineers

Elevate to cloud nine with our Cloud Engineers, architecting sky-high solutions for digital dominance.

Training Analysts

Training Analysts

Empowering users with knowledge, our Training & Support team turns novices into tech-savvy navigators.

Training Analysts

Data Analysts

We make data analysis easy with our data driven approach and great understanding of business infrastructure.

Hire Talent

Tap into Globally-distributed Network of Top
Business, Design, and Technology Talent

Healthcare IT (EMR)

Elevate your healthcare IT with proven talent in Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and more. Connect with professionals who transform patient care through cutting-edge technology.

Enterprise Application (ERP)

You deserve streamlined efficiency. Our Oracle, Microsoft, and Workday experts are ready to revolutionize your ERP processes for unparalleled business growth.


Boost your customer engagement with top-notch CRM experts in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Oracle. Let's build strong, lasting customer relationships together.

Cloud Transformation

Ready for the cloud revolution? Our AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure specialists are here to scale your business with robust, innovative cloud solutions.

Data & Analytics

Unlock the power of data with our experts in Tableau, PowerBI, and more. Dive into analytics that fuel strategic, data-driven decisions for your business.

Custom Development

Imagine bespoke solutions tailored to your vision. Our web, database, and DevOps developers are here to turn your unique digital dreams into reality.