Sharing Success With Community

Virtelligence is a progressive organization where employees enjoy challenging
projects and the rewards that successful accomplishment bring.

ST Davids Center

Virtelligence generously invests time and money for the betterment of community through its support of St. David's Center for Child & Family Development. This in turn allows for the investment in healthy community initiatives through funding and hard work to better care for the under-served and uninsured.

Courage Center

Virtelligence is proud of its affiliation with the Courage Center and actively participates in its fundraising programs. Courage Center is a Minnesota-based, nonprofit rehabilitation and resource center that serves children and adults experiencing barriers to health and independence.


Virtelligence, being an advisory based business, has been actively supporting various causes taken up by Human Development Foundation, both in US and abroad. The mission of Human Development Foundation is to facilitate a non-political movement for a positive social change and community empowerment.

Autism Speaks

Virtelligence recognizes the importance of the work undertaken by Autism Speaks. Virtelligence supports its community wide familial services, scientific research and awareness projects, especially in Minnesota. The Autism Speaks funding allows rapid deployment of these projects.

North Memorial

Virtelligence cares and support non-profit organizations like North Memorial Health Foundation. North Memorial Foundation’s primary purpose is to engage in, assist and contribute to the support of exclusively charitable, scientific and educational activities and projects.


Virtelligence cares and support non-profit organizations like Zacah. (ZACAH) is a Minnesota based, 501c(3), non-profit, charitable organization dedicated support for Minnesotans facing poverty and homelessness, especially from marginalized religious, socioeconomic and ethnic communities.